The benefits associated with healthy places and spaces can be enjoyed by a broad spectrum of society, and can be delivered through a range of organisations, companies, charities and groups. Health Parks are happy to advise on the appropriate application for each particular context. The service offered by Health Parks is particularly relevant to the following:

  • National Government: National and Local Government, who are committed to the wellbeing of their constituents and to the effective implementation of Health Policy
  • Local Government: Local Authorities working together with Health and Wellbeing Boards to develop integrated health strategies to address levels of obesity, non-communicative diseases and mental illness in their communities
  • NHS. Clinical Commissioning Groups and local GPs. Developing the use of Social Prescribing for the Prevention of Obesity, non-communicable diseases and mental illness, these bodies can work with local government to create healthy environments, of which Parks and Open Spaces can play a significant role.
  • Local Authorities
    • Planning Departments tasked promoting Sustainable Development within the context of the NPPF
    • Directors of Public Health, responsible for the health of their local communities; identifying health promotion within the context of open spaces and active travel routes
    • Professionals promoting sports, leisure, physical activity to encourage healthy lifestyles
    • Transport Engineers seeking to enhance the urban realm for Active Travel through the enhancement of travel links
  • Town and Parish Councils and Community Groups and Neighbourhood Plans. The use of the Parks for Health Toolkit provides a vehicle for the delivery of health based locally enhanced parks, green spaces and civic areas for health, social cohesion, health promotion, skills training and education.
  • Charities, third sector and other interest groups promoting health and wellbeing.
  • Developers and Housing Associations. Within the context of initial design, and ongoing management and enhancement, Health Parks is able to objectively assess existing and proposed schemes to optimise the use of green spaces and infrastructure for health and wellbeing.
  • Commercial Companies and Service providers with a vision for health and seeking to deliver health through their services and equipment.
  • Employers: Maintaining a healthy work force is a priority for all responsible employers. Access to appropriately designed green space can do much to reduce stress, and encourage physical activity; increasing the health and sense of wellbeing among the work force, increasing happiness, satisfaction and productivity whilst reducing absenteeism