Consultancy & Training

Partnering and Advice: Partnering with related Local Government, the NHS, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Public and Private Organisations, Development Companies and Housing Associations, Charities and Local Community Groups, Health Parks can help identify and deliver health and wellbeing within urban and rural realm through targeted improvements to Parks and Open Spaces, and help develop Landscape Strategies which embrace Health alongside Landscape, Amenity and Biodiversity and environmental enhancement.

Community Consultation: The participation of the local community in the creation of healthy environments can be an important factor in their success.  The engagement of the community through the assessment, planning and design process, and in aspects of implementation and future management can provide a sense of ownership, strengthening social cohesion, and increase the future success of the project. For example, the participation of schools can also provide excellent opportunity for education, both during the inception of a scheme, and through its ongoing use. Health Parks Ltd can help co-ordinate Public Consultation with the local community, local residents, their groups and representatives.

Products and Services:  In addition to an appreciation of Public Health, delivering health “On the Ground” requires a range of necessary expertise, services and products. Health Parks is happy to partner with companies, service providers and charities to explore the opportunities in this area to promote health and wellbeing in rural and urban communities.

Education and Training: As an experienced speaker, Richard Tisdall, as Director of Tisdall Associates Ltd, has contributed to a wide range of Conferences and events. He is happy to share his insights to raise awareness, develop understanding and help groups, companies, Universities and Colleges involved in the delivery of places and spaces for the health and wellbeing of the community to appreciate more fully this important area of work, and how they can participate in it.