Health lies at the heart of Sustainable Development and the creation of Resilient Communities. Health is not a dry academic subject. It affects each one of us, our families, our friends, our neighbours and our communities…Health is Personal


Health is critical to us all. The use of existing Parks as health assets, the creation of healthy urban spaces and new developments could do much to alleviate personal suffering to society and reduce treatment costs to the health service for a wide range of physical and mental ill health. Health Parks Ltd engages with local government, groups and individuals across society to deliver health promoting places and spaces. These can include:

          • National Government: Setting Health Policy objectives and addressing health inequalities
          • Local Government with a responsibility for the health of local communities and requirement to meet health policy objectives
          • Public Health: who see their Parks as health assets and with local communities can utilise Parks for health promotion
          • Parks,Leisure and Sport: working with Public Health to use and improve Parks for health
          • Health & Well-being Boards and CCGs: using Parks within a context of “Social Prescribing”, and reducing costs to the health service through Prevention as an alternative to clinical intervention
          • Developers, Designers and Institutes; creating health promoting urban environments and Green Infrastructure to provide added value to prospective customers and the wider community
          • Employers, using Parks and Open Spaces to encourage a healthy workforce.
          • Suppliers and Manufacturers, delivering products and services to benefit the health of local communities
          • The Public, with a professional or private interest in health and want to be kept informed of initiatives through the Health Parks network. This might include:
            • Faith Groups, who care about their local communities, and can use their Parks to address loneliness, isolation and ill health and build Social Cohesion
            • Parks Friends Groups, who want to save their Park from alternative development, promote its use for health, attract funding for its improvement and  increase the economic value of the local area

          Addressing Health Epidemics: Reducing Health Inequalities:

                • The UK along with many countries is experiencing an epidemic in Obesity and related non-communicable diseases. These illnesses include Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Strokes and some Cancers, as well as Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
                • Health Parks can through its “Parks for Health” Assessment, help deliver healthier Parks and Urban Spaces to better use our existing assets to address some of the chronic health conditions in our communities.
                • New development can be Healthy development. For those Planning , Designing and Developing the built environments, the “Design for Health” Assessment can guide Healthy development.

              Together we can make a difference. Contact us to explore the opportunities together.