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Why do we do what we do?

  • At Health Parks we are “About” contributing to the creation of healthy communities through the creation of healthy places and spaces.
  • Health Parks combines academic rigor with the practical “Delivery” of health promoting landscapes “on the ground”; be it in the context of existing Parks and Open Spaces or new development and masterplanning.   Building upon his Masters in Landscape Design, and Masters in Public Health, Richard Tisdall has developed the Parks for Health Assessment Model. He has contributed to the West Midlands Health & Planning Group exploring issues related to Spatial Planning and Health. As a member of the Stakeholder Group to the TCPA publication he was involved in the 2012 report “Reuniting health with planning: healthier homes, healthier communities’ and he was a co-author of the Landscape Institute’s guidance on Landscapes and Health, the LI Position Statement “Public Health and Landscape” (2103). He has spoken nationally and internationally of the subject of green spaces and health
  • Public Health England (PHE) and The Institute of Health Equity in “Improving Access to Green Space” (2014), noted that “People exposed to poor quality environments are more likely to experience poorer health outcomes than people who enjoy good quality environments”. The WHO, in their report “Urban Green Spaces and Health” in 2016 stated that “A city of well-connected, attractive green spaces that offer safe opportunities for urban residents for active mobility and sports as well as for stress recovery, recreation and social contact, is likely to be more resilient to extreme environmental events…Such a city is also likely to have healthier citizens, reducing demands on health services and contributing to a stronger economy”
  • The Parks for Health Initiative provides an evidence based assessment model which can improve Parks and Open Spaces, the natural environment,  to contribute to the prevention and treatment of obesity, several non-communicative diseases (cancers, diabetes, coronary heart disease, strokes), metal ill-health (anxiety, depression and stress) and health conditions associated with environmental risk factors. (Air pollution, Noise, Flooding, Noise and Urban Temperature Extremes).
  • At Health Parks, we bring together qualifications and experience in Public Health and Landscape Design and  Management. Together, we can partner together to improve the delivery and use of our Parks and Open Spaces for the health and wellbeing of our local communities; attracting and directing investment to reduce personal suffering, and costs to the national purse, through the prevention and treatment of so much avoidable ill-health.

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